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Grand Canyon Janitorial Supply Products
 We offer our own line of chemicals named Walker Chemicals and we take pride in the quality of products we sell.  

We have a variety of products including:
Liquid Chemicals

Neutraclean Floor Cleaner: This is a scientifically formulated non-rinse neutral ph cleaner that has a pleasant citrus fragrance.  It also contains buffing and water softening agents.  This product is safe enough to use everyday, but strong enough to cut through the toughest grease and grime without dulling or damaging the floor finish or grout.  Neutraclean can be used in various ways such as in a spray bottle, mop bucket, sponge or in an automatic scrubber.  You may use this product on any surface not harmed by water.  

Bath Blaster: The #1 bathroom cleaner sold in the Southwest!  This product is great for removing all types of calcium, soap scum, mineral deposits, and other discoloration.  Allow Bath Blaster to sit on surface for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse off.  Little to no scrubbing is required.  You may use this product on glass, tile, porcelain, chrome sinks, etc.  For any kind of brass or natural stone use our Cream Cleanser.  

Blast Off: This heavy-duty toilet bowl cleaner will make an unpleasant job quick and easy to clean.  It will dissolve tough mineral build up and calcium on any white toilet or urinal.  There is nothing stronger on the market than this product.  Blast Off is designed for Arizona water and is guaranteed to work where other products have failed.  

Down the Drain: This is a fast acting non-acidic drain opener and maintainer.  It will dissolve all food, grease, hair, soap, and any other organic material that is restricting the drain flow.  You should use Down the Drain every two to four months to prevent build up and to keep pipes flowing normally.  

Catalina Floor Finish: This 23% solid floor finish has a non-slip and self-leveling agent.  This product will give a very durable, long lasting, wet look while sealing and protecting the floor.  Catalina is ideal for most floors, wood, saltillo, marble, concrete, brick or any floor porous enough to hold a floor finish.  

Enzyme Deodorizer: This is a highly effective and long lasting water based enzyme, which will neutralize odor molecules.  Simply stated the enzyme will eat and consume all odor caused by urine, garbage, smoke, or any organic protein.  This product is safe on all floors, carpets, bedding or any material not harmed by water.  

Hand to Hand & Coco Soap: Both of these soaps can be used on hands or for the entire body.  Coco Soap is a coconut oil blend with a refreshing lemon scent.  Hand to Hand is a pink creamy blend guaranteed not to dry out skin even after repeated use. 

Fastball Cleaner and Degreaser: This product is highly concentrated for maximum cleaning strength.  You may use this on any washable surface.  It is designed for restaurants, food processing plants or any handyman's heavy, medium, or light cleaning.  Use this in a bucket, steam cleaner, or in a spray bottle.  

Horse Power Cleaner and Degreaser: This is a very powerful ready to use cleaner.  Simply spray on straight out of the bottle to cut through grease and grime on windows, mirrors, walls, and even automobiles.  It is also great for grout cleaning. 

Fabrique: Fabrique stain remover is perfect to get tough stains out of carpet, upholstery, and other fabrics.  It is a blend of solvents used to penetrate and emulsify tough dried on stains.  This product can be used as a pre-spotter, shampoo booster, or for high traffic areas.  

Orange Force: This is a powerful concentrate of natural organic citrus oil solvents and industrial cleaning and degreasing agents.  This product will give you superior cleaning without the use of butyl products.

Buff All: This is a dual-purpose floor finish cleaner and restorer.  This spray buff product is designed for use in both conventional and high speed floor care programs.  This will remove scuff marks, scratches, and will restore the original gloss of a floor finish quickly and with lasting results. 

Wax Stripper: This is a heavy-duty non-ammoniated floor stripper that emulsifies and removes all water-based floor finishes and sealers including detergent resistant metal-interlocking coatings.  Safe for use on vinyl, linoleum, asphalt flooring, tile, terrazzo, concrete and other surfaces not harmed by water.

Extractor Carpet Solution: Extractor is ideal for use in any steam or carpet extractor system.  This solution contains a cleaner, deodorizer, defoamer, water softener, and static controller.  Safe for use on cotton, wool, synthetic fibers, and all colorfast material.

Gold Pro 50-1 Glass Cleaner: Gold Pro 50-1 is a highly concentrated glass and multi-surface cleaner.  One gallon of this product will make fifty gallons of ready to use cleaner.  Excellent as an all-purpose light cleaner or for windows, mirrors, marble, formica, and polished metal surfaces. 

Gold Pro RTU Glass Cleaner: Gold Pro RTU is ready to use for quick and easy streakfree cleaning.  Removes smoke, dust, and grime films in one easy application.  Also great for all purpose light cleaning.

Kleen Out: Kleen Out is a powerful and effective stain and odor remover for coffeepots, coffee machines, and teapots.

Majestic: Majestic is an acrylic non-slip floor finish.  The high solids provide a long lasting wet look.  Designed for use on most types of floors including vinyl, asphalt, tile, linoleum, sealed concrete, terrazzo and many others.  

Lemon-D: Lemon-D is a neutral cleaner designed for floors, walls, glazed porcelain, stainless steel, and other hard non-porous surfaces.  This product will clean, brighten,and disinfect.

Sani Pine: Sani Pine is a concentrated multi-purpose pine cleaner/degreaser and deodorizer.  Formulated with pure distilled pine oil and fortified with high-energy penetration.  Great for use on wood, dining room tables, shower stalls, or any odor problem area. 

Carpet Pre-Spray: Carpet Pre-Spray is a highly concentrated carpet and rug cleaner for high traffic areas that are subject to frequent heavy stains.  You may spray solution directly on carpet before you shampoo or use as a shampoo booster in extractor machines.

Creme Cleanser: Creme Cleanser contains a mild abrasive, which will cling to vertical surfaces.  Great for removal of soap scum, calcium, limescale, grease, and other organic stains.  Safe for use on more delicate surfaces like brass, marble, formica, colored grout, etc.

Sapphire: This product is a one step ready to use liquid polish and cleaner formulated to remove dust and soil from natural wood finishes while conditioning and replenishing the moisturizers that protect.  Sapphire contains no silicones or wax.  

Solid Gold: Solid Gold is a premium hand dishwashing detergent.  Formulated for large scale and commercial hand washing dishware, glasses, utensils, pots, and pans.  This product has a pleasant lemon scent which rinses freely and sparkling clean.  

Undercoat: Undercoat is a dual-purpose floor sealer and undercoat.  A water based, all acrylic copolymer and metal cross-linked emulsion that dries to a tough continuous film.  This product will leave a matte, non-gloss finish safe to use on most floors, such as vinyl, asphalt, tile, linoleum, concrete, quarry, and many more.

Wash 'N Wax: Wash 'N Wax is a one step multi-purpose vehicle wash and wax concentrate.  This is good for use on autos, trucks, RV's, buses, and boat exteriors.  This product will remove dirt, grime, soil, and most road films while leaving a shiny, long-lasting wax protectant.

Protector: Protector is a uniquely enriched silicone polymer for exterior and interior automotive, marine, and household protection.  This product deeply penetrates and bonds into surfaces for long-lasting protection and rejuvenation against ultra-violet light, which may cause fading, cracking, hardening, and deterioration. 

D-2000 Premium Laundry Soap: This is a specially formulated highly concentrated powdered laundry soap.  It contains optical brightners and anti-yellowing agents.  This is safe on whites and colors.  It contains no perfumes, phosphates, or fillers.  It also has a softener and whitener built in.  This will cut through the toughest grease and grime while leaving your clothes clean and fresh.

​Willis Window Cleaner: Willis Window Cleaner is the best window and mirror cleaner you have ever used.  This product contains no ammonia so it's safe on all windows, mirrors, porcelain, chrome, acrylics and poly-carbonates.  Simply spray on and allow white foam to set for thirty seconds, wipe off with a micro-fiber cloth or non-lint towel and windows will be crystal clear with no sign of streaks, guaranteed.

Nitro Orange: Nitro Orange is a citrus based, biodegradable, organic, aerosol foaming cleanser.  This product is safe on painted walls, blinds, window sills, porcelain, and much more.  It is great for quick, easy clean-ups and strong enough for the toughest jobs.

Premo Furniture Polish: Premo is an aerosol furniture polish containing lemon oil and a carnauba wax.  This product will dust, clean, and leave a protective wax on all furniture, porcelain, plastics, brass, marble, etc.  Simply spray on and wipe off with a non-lint towel.

Topcoat Furniture Polish: This is also an aerosol furniture polish which contains lemon oil.  This is a great way to clean and polish your light and dark furniture, plastic counters, table tops, ceramic and plastic tile, leather articles, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain, brass, marble, vinyl, and enameled surfaces.

Oven & BBQ: Oven & BBQ cleaner is a highly effective cleaner used to break down tough cooked on grease and grime on stainless steel, glass, ceramics, porcelain, and cast iron surfaces.

Minsol Stainless Steel: Minsol is an oil based stainless steel cleaner which also polishes and preserves without hard rubbing or buffing.  Resists fingerprints, grease, and water spatter.  This product is great for the refrigerator, dishwasher, window frames, and much more.

Hoss Stainless Steel: Hoss is a water based stainless steel cleaner which also polishes and preserves without rubbing or buffing.  Hoss is safer around pilot lights and open flames than the Minsol cleaner.

Disinfectant Spray: Disinfectant Spray is a hospital grade disinfectant used to kill bacteria, viral, and fungicidal germs.  This product helps to control mold and mildew.  It can also be used to deodorize the air by killing airborne bacteria.

Germicidal Cleaner: Germicidal Cleaner is a foaming hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant.  This product may be used to break down grease and grime while killing any bacteria causing fungus, viruses, and many other germs.

TMS: Air scent and neutralizer that comes in over 12 different scents.  It contains 28% more perfume than Air Wick's.  3,800 sprays per can.  Can be used in automatic dispensers or by hand.  Pre-measured bursts of scent.

Paper- Please call for pricing

Super Soft 96 roll: Toilet Paper 2 ply/500 ft./96 rolls per case

Facial Tissue: 8x8.33/100 sheets/30 boxes per case

Junior Jumbo: Toilet Paper 2 ply/1000 ft./12 rolls per case

Multifold: Paper Towel/9.125x9.5/250 sheets/16 packs per case

Singlefold: Paper Towel/9x10/250 sheets/16 packs per case

8 inch universal white roll: Paper Towel 8x600/7200 sheets/12 rolls per case

​8 inch universal brown roll: Paper Towel 8x600/7200 sheets/12 rolls per case

313 Grand Canyon Paper Towel- Brown: 8x800/4800 sheets/6 rolls per case

316 Grand Canyon Paper Towel- White: 8x630/3780 sheets/6 rolls per case

Household Paper Towel: 2 ply/85 sheets/30 rolls per case

Centerpull Paper Towel: 2 ply/660 ft./6 rolls per case

Roses Universal Paper Towel-White: 2 ply/350 ft./12 rolls per case

Roses Household Toilet Paper 96 roll: 2 ply/500 ft./96 rolls per case

Liners- please call for pricing

24x33 Clear: 12 mic/12-16 gallon/500 bags

33x39 Black: 1.5 mil/33 gallon/100 bags

43x47 Black: 1.5 mil/40-45 gallon/100 bags

40x48 Clear: 22 mic/45 gallon/150 bags

Most products come in quarts & gallons
Paper & 
These are our most asked about items, but we do have thousands more.  Please call or come in to see our full inventory! 
 **Just about any item can be special ordered!**