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Put our expertise to work for you. At Grand Canyon Janitorial Supply, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Tucson community.
"The knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices make the shopping experience enjoyable if not educational."

"One can find products in sizes for a cleaning business or home use including Cleaning Chemicals, Dispensers, Floor Care, Green Products, Microfibers, Odor Control, to just the basics like Paper Products, Soap, to trash Can Liners."

"Categorically, every unique cleaning need I had was addressed by offering the correct product with a money back guarantee."

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"I have purchased products from Grand Canyon Janitorial Supply on many occasions and have always had extremely helpful and knowledgeable service. They always come up with a product that does exactly what I need and their prices are competitive. I highly recommend them as a great place to do business!!"
September 29, 2010
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Tucson Citysearch
"I had a huge problem with a glass shower door damaged by a Kaboom Tub & Tile Cleaner. I have been on the Internet for over a week trying to find a product to remove the etching haze caused by the strong chemical. I called Grand Canyon Janitorial and thought that I would get the usual "Sorry, I can't help you" answer. But, the young lady that answered the phone knew immediately of my problem and suggested I try Bath Blaster. Bath Blaster might be the answer to my prayers and save my cleaning job. hope it will work."
January 05, 2010
"The Bath Blaster exceeded my hopes and expectations. The dull grimy tiles and grout are now sparkling. It even cleaned the awful non slip feature of the bath.
The toilet bowl ring cleaner Blast Off actually works"
January 05, 2010

"I must have passed Grand Canyon Janitorial a hundred times before I actually went in. And when I did go in, I half expected that they would send me somewhere else... I was wrong. I called prior to my visit and explained that my friends house smelled of smoke and could they suggest anything to help, and please not the sprays that you buy from the supermarket... When I arrived at the store they had everything on the counter waiting for me and gave me tips on using everything. Highly knowledgable staff, very friendly!"
November 13, 2007
"I work down the street from these guys. i have driven past almost everyday for 3 years. Chris is great! Very knowledgeable. It's nice to see customer service & knowledge of products are still alive. Low prices."

"We go there for the enzyme cleaner...$5.99 a quart which makes 3 gallons. If you go to a pet store you'll be paying at least 4 times that. But be assured that all the products they carry are top rate and work...really the comment below on the the Bath Blaster I love it too and it DOES WORK. The best part is the staff, everyone is more than helpful, friendly and KNOWS the products. Be prepared to go crazy and have fun looking at all the products."

"Ok, so this place is downright awesome not only for professionals to get supplies, but also for us regular folk who happen to be clean freaks in our homes. They were recommended to us by an acquaintance during a random conversation about toilet cleaning. "Go to Grand Canyon Janitorial Supply and you'll never have to scrub the toilet again," our acquaintance told us. We were skeptical because we've tried every product on the market to clean various household debris (damn Tucson hard water!) and only some of it has kinda worked with more effort than I'd prefer. Intrigued by the recommendation, we went to their website to see their hours and promptly headed on over. We figured the worst that could happen is we'd waste more money on cleaning supplies, no big deal.

It's a little bit intimidating on the first visit, because it really does feel like you're in a place meant less for retail and more for professional services. There are gallon bottles of chemicals all over the place! Anything you need to clean, there's apparently a product for it, and Grand Canyon likely has it. Not to mention the huge variety of cleaning tools - brushes, brooms, rags, and other contraptions that I have yet to figure out what they're for. They also have industrial sized rolls of paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc.). We looked around a little and decided we needed help. There was just too much to take in at once.

There was one employee who was on the phone when we entered, but he quickly hung up and started to help us. He was incredibly nice and patient with us. He took a lot of time to explain products to us and help us find exactly what we were looking for. He also gave us instructions on how to use some of the chemicals that were new to us just to make sure we properly used some of the stronger stuff. We ended up with "Blast Off" toilet cleaner, a mirror/glass cleaner, and some rags. We figured we'd start with the basics to see what we're getting ourselves into.

"Blast Off" works like a charm. The toilets are sparkling after using it. Just put it in the bowl and walk away for five minutes. Seriously, you don't have to scrub, just a pass with a brush and it's all good! Life has never been so sweet!

The mirror cleaner is also really effective. It leaves a lot less streaks, and it smells really good, too! Make sure you get the cleaning rags though, they make a huge difference because they don't leave any little paper fuzzies on the glass. They've held up through quite a few washes in the machine, too!

The prices on everything were really affordable, which surprised me. I thought for specialized products, you'd pay a ton, but that's not the case. We're definitely getting our cleaning supplies from Grand Canyon Janitorial from now on! Hard water suffocating the shower door: watch out, you're next."
January 4, 2015